Finhaven is building a global securities issuance platform and exchange


Built on blockchain technology, we’re making it easier, less costly, and more secure to raise capital and issue regulatory compliant tokenized securities.

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Regulatory Compliant

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Equity & Debt Issuance on Blockchain

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Smart Contract Governance & Settlement

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Portfolio Management Tools

Today, the capital markets lack efficiency,
and the cryptocurrency markets lack clarity

We're making it simple to issue tokenized bonds and equity on a global, regulated marketplace and exchange. Relying on our integrated platform and smart contracts, Finhaven ensures that the creation, sale, and future resale of these security tokens will all be in compliance with applicable securities laws.

Creating asset liquidity through tokenization

Investments can be subject to year-long terms, tying up resources for new opportunities. Tokenization optimizes the value of an illiquid asset, making atomization, and the opportunity to buy in or out of an asset, possible.

A standard for global regulatory compliance

Together with regulators and the blockchain community, we're developing a token standard for regulatory compliance, leading the establishment of securities issuance on the blockchain.


Finhaven is an end-to-end solution for issuing, investing in, and trading regulatory compliant security tokens. 

Finance your next deal on the blockchain.