Equity Management Made for Startup Business

Discover accessible, affordable and reliable capitalization table management platform perfect for pre-seed to seed funded SME’s.


Who is FinhavenTM ?

We are a financial services technology company based in Vancouver, Canada.


By the use blockchain to simplify handling of securities on its capital markets platform. This makes document exchange in both public and private securities automated, and faster transaction processing is made possible through our blockchain platform.


Our technology has the potential to revolutionize the way securities are traded and managed, and it is well-positioned to become a major player in the fintech space.

The Ideal Platform for SMBs

We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that aims to provide a comprehensive capitalization table and equity management platform for startup businesses. Particularly, we are the perfect software for those who are: 

Raising capital or
borrowing funds

Startup Businesses

Mergers and Acquisitions

International Trades

Upfront and Clear Pricing

We aim to become a cap table management platform that caters to the needs of small and medium-sized startup businesses who just started raising capital or funds.


With these objectives in mind the FinhavenTM Team made sure to provide a platform that encapsulates all the needed features in cap table and equity management while also ensuring that the pricing falls within a startup business’ budget.


Upon signing up, users may choose between two options:


A free version is recommended for SMBs who would like to try out the platform first.


What’s included

For Business

A paid version will give you more freedom in creating capitalization tables.

$12 USD/mo
Billed monthly

What’s included

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Yes, you definitely can! 

A paid version is available for only USD 12 per month.
In doing so, you do not need to create an entirely new account.

Yes! In order to make the platform more accessible for all SMBs,
our free version does not expire.

This means that if you are a startup business looking into cap table management, you can enjoy our platform for as long as you like. 

Unfortunately, our free version does not entail inviting other members to manage your cap table.

However, such a feature is available in the paid version for only 12 USD a month. 

Partners & Associations

We’re always looking for experienced partners with strong business acumen and serious intentions to help us develop the Finhaven ecosystem. The Finhaven™ Investment Platform is a DLT-based capital market technology infrastructure for all market participants. Our technology can be applied to private and public exchanges and FX markets.