Cap Table Management on
Finhaven Suite

Issue shares, edit cap tables and, connect with shareholders with ease

Know the who's, what's, and how's about ownership of your company

Issue, update, and edit your company’s cap table in real time and instantly see a break down of who owns what, and by how much.

Is everyone on the same page?

Provide your stakeholders with real time access to their ownership information to foster trust and transparency in your relationship.

Work & assess as a team, with your team

Whether this be your finance teams, fellow founders, lawyers or even an external accountant; Invite team members to collaborate, manage, and update cap tables together

Foster meaningful relationships with your stakeholders

We understand how important it is to constantly stay connected with your stakeholders. Elevate how you connect with your stakeholders using Finhaven suite

Kiss spreadsheets goodbye

Scale your company’s cap tables beyond complicated cells and columns

Organizing your chaos

Integrate all of your processes with Finhaven Suite, whether it be directing stakeholders to data rooms, onboarding clients, or just connecting with new investors.

Time is money

Digitizing and automating cap table management tasks saves valuable time that can be redirected to business related focus