Finhaven Insights

Launch of Finhaven Insights Newsletter May 26, 2022 Welcome to Finhaven™ Insights, a weekly newsletter covering the latest insights, news and happenings within Finhaven and the industries we operate in. Fundamentals of Finhaven Token Our vision for FINToken is to become a utility medium for innovative & improved transactions in regulated industries, using blockchain technology. … Read more

NFT Watch: The Good, Great and Ugly

Uzair Merchant aka Uzi worked on a music project called “Stardust” starting in November last year, which led to a transnational hip-hop collaboration which is now getting a music video NFT. February 4, 2022 From Hitpiece to Indian hip-hop trading cards to graffiti artists, non-fungible tokens on the blockchain are quickly expanding in India As … Read more

When NFTs are deemed securities, they need a place to trade

When NFTs are deemed securities, they need a place to trade April 14, 2021 by DH Kim, CEO Finhaven At Finhaven Private Markets, blockchain and digital securities are at the core of our technology and business. That puts us squarely in the conversation about NFTs (non-fungible tokens) — a trend capturing the imagination of investors … Read more