We look forward to connecting with you at our upcoming events!

Please see our upcoming events below and check out our previous events for more information about Finhaven™.

Upcoming Events:

Date: Thursday, October 20 2022

Time: 7:30AM-9:00AM

Location: Terminal City Club (837 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC)

Finhaven™ Investment Forum

Join us for a morning of networking & company presentations, including our CEO DH Kim introducing Finhaven™ Private Markets as THE real estate fund marketplace in Canada. Learn more about our Investment Platform and how it can help reduce your operational costs over time.


More about Finhaven Private Markets
We are focusing on real estate and mortgage investment offerings. If you want to be positioned to invest in select real estate and mortgage investments in a convenient, integrated platform, please sign up as an investor at Finhaven Private Markets.

This event is for accredited investors only or individuals who work in real estate.



Previous Events:

2 hour session on test automation sharing some of our custom tools and technologies. It will be a great learning and networking opportunity.

The Finhaven™ team is very excited to announce the launch details of an event introducing a forthcoming NFT marketplace MetaismX that will revolutionize the NFT world.