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Revolutionizing Alternative Finance With blockchain technology
The potential of blockchain to serve as a financial market infrastructer rather than just just a product
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We Can't Ignore Cryptocurrencies any longer - gartner's hype cycle
An overview on gartner's hype cycle and its relation with cryptocurrencies
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Revolutionizing Alternative Finance with blockchain technology

In this session, I will discuss the potential of blockchain to serve as financial market infrastructure rather than just products. I will explore the real innovations that blockchain technology can bring to alternative finance with the power of self-custodial wallets and wallet-to-wallet transactions. I will also discuss the hurdles that need to be overcome to reach the full potential of innovation. Each one of them is a big topic and so I will focus on introducing the basic concepts of the financial market infrastructure and explaining them in a plain way rather than going into details of each one of them.


Revolutionizing Alternative Finance With Blockchain Technology

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