Finhaven Institutional

Providing revolutionary blockchain-based infrastructure designed for capital markets

What is Finhaven Institutional?

Our solution provides a revolutionary blockchain-based infrastructure designed for capital markets. It aims to enhance the efficiency of custody and settlement processes, surpassing the capabilities of current market infrastructures.

In addition, it delivers better secure custodial systems for transfer agents and central securities depositories.

Why blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology introduces infrastructure-level innovation that fundamentally changes how we transact in capital markets. To address regulatory changes that come with disruptive technology, we provide our clients with blockchain infrastructure.

Our approach focuses on gradual and streamlined integration to utilize their current systems as much as possible.

Blockchain Technology

Leverages the power of blockchain for secure, transparent, and efficient transactions

Improved Custody and Settlement

Streamlines the custody and settlement processes, reducing time and cost

Enhanced Data Management

Facilitates better data management, aiding in compliance work and boosting the productivity of compliance officers

Reap the core benefits of blockchain



Reduced CounterParty


Cost Savings

Access to New Markets

Innovation and Differentiation

Compliance and Regulatory Advantages

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Transfer Agents and Central Securities Depositories

Finhaven Institutional can automate most of your work, making it more efficient and less prone to errors. It can also provide a secure custodial mechanism, transforming your system into a truly digital securities system, overcoming book-based systems. Most importantly, the quality of service for your clients will improve with less work required from your team.

Compliance Officers

Finhaven Institutional will fully automate your work, allowing you to transition completely away from paper records. You will be able to substantially reduce the time spent dealing with segregated data. Additionally, you can easily collaborate with other compliance officers. If your organization requires KYC & AML processes, Finhaven Institutional will transform your current workflow.

Broker Dealers

Traditional large marketplaces or exchanges will gain fewer benefits at this stage. However, if you are an OTC operator, you will immediately gain benefits with efficient market operations using Finhaven Institutional for communications, market transactions, and settlements.