NFT Ownership, Done Right

Introducing our revolutionary NFT minting solution that not only allows creators to securely and easily mint their own digital assets, but also solves the ownership and copyright issues that have plagued the NFT market.

Upload your artwork

Upload the file onto FINMint™

Outline copyright info

Set your NFT ownership and intellectual property rules

Access your FINWallet™ Digital ID

Your NFT is now bound with it’s copyrights

Immutable proof of ownership and intellectual property rights

NFTs minted using Finhaven™’s service allows creators to have complete control over their digital assets and monetize with confidence. Buyers are also assured that they are acquiring original, and authentic NFTs with a clear ownership history.  


Reduce Legal Risks

 Reduce risks associated with copyright infringement and unauthorized use to allow more secure and compliant NFTs for creators and buyers alike. 

A verified digital identity that introduces the ultimate solution for identity verification