Driving Innovation in Global Capital Markets

Finhaven is building exchanges for digital securities around the world.


Future of Capital Markets

Increased Liquidity

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Faster Clearing & Settlement

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Global Marketplace

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Reduced Administration & Cost

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High-Capacity Real-Time Data

Capital Market Innovation

Creating efficiency in the capital markets through convergence of services

Finhaven is an end-to-end solution for issuing, trading and recording of regulatory compliant digital securities. By reducing intermediaries, Finhaven creates time and cost efficiency for capital raise and trading.


Increased Liquidity

A cryptographic, global digital securities liquidity platform

Finhaven provides a cryptographic ledger as a solution to optimizing the value of traditional securities and unlocking asset value of illiquid and exotic assets.

Enhanced Security

Ensuring secure transactions

Leveraging an event-driven architecture and providing multisignature vaults, Finhaven enables governance, security, and auditability for transactions.


Global Reach

Your passport to Global Investment Opportunities

Digital securities with a cryptographic identity change the economics of capital raise and the dynamics of secondary trading. It creates new opportunities for issuers and broker-dealers and opens doors to global investors.

I believe Finhaven is well positioned to disrupt capital markets... I also believe in the leadership team, who’ve proven their ability to deliver results over the course of our relationship.
— Jinhwan – CEO of Medici Investments

About Us

Finhaven is building a full-stack capital markets infrastructure providing an end-to-end solution for issuance, investment, trading, and reporting of digital securities.

Executive team

Chief Executive Officer

DH Kim

EVP Corporate Development

Don Gordon

Chief Technology Officer

Dan Merino


Legal Counsel

Tristin Lee



Lars Klawitter



Martin Ertl


Jill Richmond


Taikyoung Jeong