Finhaven™ Investment Platform

The Finhaven Investment Platform is a capital market infrastructure for digital securities and currencies leveraging blockchain technology to integrate global capital markets. Our goal is to create efficiency in private capital markets, public capital markets, foreign exchange markets, and cryptocurrency markets. By leveraging our core technology, the Finhaven Distributed Network, as well as our compliance infrastructure, we will lead the transition of global capital markets and exchanges from book-based systems to digital systems.

Benefits of the Finhaven Investment Platform

Our platform and technology solutions will be available to license to investors, dealers and marketplaces as a subscription model.

Built on Blockchain

Finhaven™ Distributed Network (FDN) is Finhaven’s proprietary permissioned distributed ledger network for issuers, investors, dealers, marketplaces, securities regulators, and central banks. Our networks are powered by Hyperledger Fabric.

Grow your wealth with Finhaven™ Private Markets

Finhaven Private Markets introduces investors to direct investment in private market deals that are vetted by our experienced investment banking team.

Accredited Investors Only. No fees for purchasing securities.