Transforming global capital markets by way of regulatory-compliant, tokenized securities.

Finhaven is leveraging blockchain technology to trigger efficient convergence in global investments.


Tokenized Securities

Leading the establishment of securities on blockchain

Tokenization of securities strips out inefficient intermediaries of a slow and costly traditional system, providing records of ownership in real time, at very low costs.


Configurable Issuance Flow

Supporting the needs of issuers and their respective securities regulations

Finhaven makes it easier for growth companies to access reliable and global capital. By restructuring the traditional financial infrastructure, Finhaven provides a standardized investment flow with configurable components to fit every issuers needs.


Regulatory Compliance

Embedded verification process to ensure regulatory compliance

Finhaven provides attestation of KYC attributes for members’ addresses. Whitelisted investors from other jurisdictions are welcome to invest on the Finhaven exchange and join the growing global marketplace.


FIN Token Standard

Creating efficiency and interoperability with a global network of exchanges on the Finhaven Platform

An ERC-20 utility token, FIN functions as fuel for network participation and offers reduced costs for both issuers and investors. Governed by EIP 902, user credentials are verified, validating identity and enabling cross-platform compliance.


Our Roadmap

Finhaven is on a mission to transform capital markets and to provide efficient and reliable access to a global pool of capital.

Private Securities Issuance

Units of Investment Funds

Private Securities Trading

Secondary Market

Public Exchange

Tokenized IPOs
Public Bonds