Organizational Structure

Finhaven™ Technology Inc.

Finhaven Technology (FinTech) is a fintech company. As a parent company, it owns 100% of Finhaven™ Capital Inc. and Finhaven™ Asia Inc. Finhaven™ is a trademark owned and used by Finhaven Technology Inc, and is the subject of trademark registration applications in Canada, the US, and the EU. It is a British Columbia corporation in Canada. FinTech has been building the Finhaven™ Investment Platform and owns the intellectual property. In addition, FinTech is working on licensing the platform to market service providers. FinTech is currently in discussion with a stock exchange in the EU, a debt marketplace in Canada, a central bank in Asia, and some dealers in the US. We refer to this business model as Capital Market Franchising.

Please refer to the chart on the right to visualize the organizational structure.

Finhaven Organizational Structure
organizational structure - FinCap

Finhaven Capital (FinCap) is an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) in Canada. FinCap can deal with prospectus-exempt securities and is registered in five provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. We incorporated FinCap in November 2018 to prove our system’s financial services innovations.  FinCap operates Finhaven Private Markets on the Finhaven Investment Platform. 

organizational structure - FinAsia

Finhaven Asia Inc.

Finhaven Asia (FinAsia) was incorporated in July 2020 in Seoul, South Korea. In 2019, Finhaven signed an MOU with Seoul Metropolitan Government (Seoul), and in March 2020, Finhaven was selected as a member of the Seoul FinTech Lab. To increase the efficiency of research and development and to expand its business to Asia, Finhaven decided to incorporate FinAsia in Seoul. FinAsia currently focuses on research and development and new businesses in Korea and China.

organizational structure - Finhaven Gateway

Finhaven Gateway Inc. (“Gateway”), is a gateway ecosystem that can connect tradifi and defi in a compliant way. Gateway is a licensed virtual currency dealer that can facilitate sales of FINTokens™ – a connector token between the worlds of cryptocurrencies and digital securities. Crypto token holders can use their crypto assets to invest in security tokens offered in Finhaven™ Private Markets.

Finhaven Private Markets (FPM) facilitates digital securities primary distributions, secondary trading¹, real-time settlement, and corporate action management with a self-custodial FINWallet™.

Finhaven Private Markets is building an exclusive network of accredited and institutional investors who will have access to unique Canadian and international investment opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Investors will have access to select high-growth companies and funds that operate in the following industries: technology, real estate, clean energy, sports and entertainment, and biotechnology industries.

finhaven private markets