Simplifies and improves business transactions using blockchain technology​

Removing the friction from buying, selling, and handling securities

Finhaven™ Technology Inc. is a financial services technology company with a capital markets platform built on Distributed Ledger Technology (blockchain). Using blockchain innovation, handling public and private securities couldn’t be any simpler as documents and certificates are automatically exchanged, speeding up transaction settlement times.

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finhaven technology inc


We develop blockchain solutions for regulated industries to simplify and improve them, starting with financial markets

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Finhaven Private Markets is operated by Finhaven Capital Inc., a registered exempt market dealer and authorized marketplace and clearing agency¹ in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario in Canada. It is a secure place to invest in global private securities.

The Finhaven Chain project aims to build a global markets public blockchain for sovereign jurisdictions and their regulated entities for the global markets. It is a strategic research collaboration between Finhaven and Blockchain@UBC.

The Finhaven™ Investment Platform is a capital market infrastructure for digital securities and currencies leveraging blockchain technology to integrate global capital markets. Our platform will be available to investors, dealers and marketplaces as a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription.

Our 5th investment forum features a panel of market experts who will discuss winning investment strategies in this rising yield environment.

This will be a virtual event. Join us on Zoom!